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2017 Year in Review

While thinking about this year, I realized that despite the mental exhaustion and overwhelming feeling of despair I felt because of current events in the United States, that I did a lot of things to help make it a better year. I took care of myself but perhaps didn’t realize it at the time. 2017 was full of so many adventures, here are my top moments for my year in review.

We bought a home

The most emotionally draining experience of my life, coupled with anxiety over closing the mortgage when our offer was finally accepted, I still can’t quite believe Ryan and I own a home. Despite a little bit longer commute, coming home to a yard and a place that is actually ours is the greatest feeling. Seeing how much happier our dogs are brings a tear to my eye. Ryan has been promising our Border Collie, Luna, a yard of her own for 9 years and it makes us both happy to know she’ll get to live out her days in a home with an acre of land and not an apartment.

Staring at the Sun During a Total Solar Eclipse

I wasn’t quite ready for the experience of witnessing a total solar eclipse. I have never experienced anything like it and it’s hands down one of the best experiences of my life. The moment of totality is eerie and beautiful and emotional. Witnessing it with some of my closest friends while we struggled through a week-long festival makes it even more special. We’ll be telling the story for years to come, “remember that time it took us 12 hours to drive 5 miles to get into Eclipse Festival?” And so many other stories from that week will follow.

Depeche Mode in London

I have seen Depeche Mode twice and I have been to London already, but despite my brother studying abroad in Edinburgh for a year, he had never made it down to my favorite city. My mom and sister had never been to Europe and my dad hadn’t been to the U.K. but it had been years since he’d be to Europe. We planned a trip around the concert, and my brother and dad came with me to the show. Seeing Depeche Mode on their own turf was a beautiful experience. Sharing it with my brother and dad, even more special. A terrorist attack that shut down the Central Tube line made that night a strange and crazy experience, something I won’t soon forget.

David Tennant in Don Juan in Soho

Apparently every time I go to London I have to see one of my favorite actors in a play. I previously saw Benedict Cumberbatch in Hamlet at the Barbican. I knew that David Tennant was in a play in Covent Garden, and the theater was just a few blocks from the flat we were staying in. On a whim I checked for tickets, found an open seat in the 3rd or 4th row and bought the ticket. I love London theatre because you can buy a drink and go in and enjoy a show while sipping a glass of rosé. I was mere feet from David Tennant, whom I love as the 10th Doctor in Doctor Who. The play was magnificent and I left the theatre feeling energized, inspired and so happy I had made that last minute decision to attend the show.

Peter Capaldi at RCCC

It was a year of seeing Doctor Who actors. Ryan and I drove down to Portland and spent the weekend at Rose City Comic Con. Despite numerous work trips to Portland over the past few years, I’d never been to some of the iconic Portland places except for Powells Books. Knocking a few of those places of my list, we spent the rest of the weekend exploring Comic Con and I had a much more enjoyable time than I thought I would. I was honestly there for one person and one person only: Peter Capaldi, the 12th Doctor of Doctor Who. On Saturday, we stood in line and got his autograph. I almost blacked out I was so nervous. He is my favorite Doctor and he’s Scottish. He chatted with everyone and was so sweet. On Sunday, it was photo op day and again, I was so nervous and excited and as my turn for a photo came up, Peter turned to the line as I ran forward and said, “och! You look fabulous!” I died. I ran out to my husband and was so ecstatic. We went to the Doctor Who panel and then headed back home. I’m ever so thankful for my husband who put up with some ultra fangirling moments that entire weekend.


After the Depeche Mode concert in London, we took the train up to Scotland. I was happy to be back. I love this country. I had planned a road trip up through the Highlands, where we would spend the night at a B&B.  I never want to drive in Scotland ever again. It was one of the most terrifying and stressful experiences of my life, but my brother took over and I’m ever so grateful to him for that. We stopped at the Clava Cairns, which have been on my list for quite some time. I had a moment at the cairn site…something is there in that 4,000 year old spot. It was a highlight for sure. We had a lovely stay in a Bed & Breakfast in Drumnadrochit, and a local in Inverness taught me how to say Drumnadrochit so I repeat it whenever I can. We went to Urquhart Castle that my clan, on my mother’s side, once pre-occupied. My mother who loves genealogy was very excited to get to visit the castle. Nestled in the middle of Loch Ness, it’s a lovely spot to visit. I could recap all of Scotland but I won’t. My posts on our trip are here & here. All I can say is Scotland, I adore you and I’ll be back.

Bass Coast Festival

I never got around to writing about Bass Coast Festival because of how crazy the summer was. It was our first trip in our converted school bus, which overheated on the side of a mountain in Canada, making our 4 hour trip to Merritt, BC a 12 hour trip. We finally made it though and it was well worth the struggle. Bass Coast sets the standard for the kind of festival I like to attend. It is nothing like the USC Events put on at the Gorge. The vibe there is terrible as is the whole setup. The only good factor about the Gorge is the view at the venue, but that’s not even worth it anymore. Bass Coast Festival is full of good vibes, people looking out for each other, and there’s a feeling of acceptance by festival-goers. It’s just a beautiful thing.

Everything else

There were some other things here and there. In February we went to Las Vegas for Ryan’s grandfather’s birthday. We got to checkin through the VIP entrance and that was an experience I’ll never forget.

We went to Whistler in March with Ryan’s previous employer. I’d love to go back there during the holiday season one year.

After returning from the U.K., I hopped on a plane 36 hours later and flew to New York to man the booth at a conference for my team. I’ve never experienced humidity like that.

In July, I went to San Francisco for another conference to promote the project I’ve been working on all year.

It has been a year full of adventure. Here’s to 2018 & more adventures.

Happy New Year everyone!


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