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Issaquah Eats: The Black Duck Cask and Bottle Gastropub

black duck cask and bottle interior

black duck cask and bottle interior

The Black Duck Cask & Bottle is one of those rare gems of a gastropub outside the city of Seattle that I’m reluctant to share because it’s such an amazing spot.

I am particularly picky about where my partner & I go to eat. It’s not just about the food, but it’s about the ambiance of where we’re going and lately I’ve been into finding places outside of Bellevue. There are some great Issaquah eats that we’ve shared with friends, but the Black Duck Cask and Bottle is our favorite & most frequented.

Image From Black Duck Cask & Bottle’s Facebook


The Black Duck captures the entire essence of what I look for in a food spot: decor (give me ALL the reclaimed wood and metal furniture please), an absolutely delicious menu with some unique eats, and craft cocktails & beer that are always on point. So, let’s dive into a few detailed reasons of why I LOVE this place.


The Space

For starters, no kids are allowed. Yup, this establishment is 21 & over so you’re going to need to find a baby sitter. Space is limited here so even besides all the adult beverages, it is loud when packed full and there’s just no room for your kiddos toys/crayons/etc.

During the summer, the covered patio garage door is open and you get to enjoy that beautiful PNW summer sunshine. But even in the winter, when the garage door isn’t open, you can still sit on the patio under one of those amazingly cozy gas-powered ceiling heaters. Mmmm yes. You will always find me under one of those in the winter.

All the wood & metal accents in this space just make me glow with joy. Weird I know, but I love that combo together.


The Food

There is one food item that I always start with. Duck Gravy Poutine. YES. This amazing glob of deliciousness is covered in melted cheese curds and you can add actual duck, yes duck and an egg to top it all off. (I usually steal all most of the cheese curds.)

duck gravy poutine

After the poutine, I usually have a dilemma. Pepperoni Pie or the BLT? Usually I go with the Pepperoni Pie. A bit on the spicer side, the pepperoni is just a little bit crisp when it comes out, and maybe that’s why I love this pizza so much…the crispness is a nice contrast against the very thin, saucy crust. Perfection.

Other items of note, like I said, the BLT with chips is delicious. Honestly the whole menu…you can’t go wrong at all. Everything is damn good. The devilish eggs is a fun starter to try. It’s chef’s creation so I assume this changes, as I’ve only had it once, but you get a variety of deviled eggs.


The Drinks

Lately I’ve found myself trying all the gin cocktails on the menu. Normally not a gin girl but when I saw grapefruit and rose petal syrup…I’ll take two of those please. Then gin & sage? Mmm yes. Gimme.

The rotating beer selection is great, I love to see a few Bellingham breweries on the list (shoutout to Wander for having amazing beer all. the. time).


Now usually after the poutine, the pizza, and two cocktails I can’t fit anything more in my stomach. So I can’t offer any official review on the desserts or ‘happy endings’ as they’re called on the menu. But I can probably guarantee you that they are just as good as anything else on the menu.

So there. I’ve given away the Eastside’s best kept secret! Stay tuned for more recommendations on this side of Lake Washington (and even the West side too).



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