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The Moon and The Stars

This is one of the joys of second hand shopping that I’m coming to love: finding something that so perfectly fits your style, is good quality, and is otherwise hard to find. Like this Escada moon & stars belt.…


Soothe My Soul

Since it seems I’ve been standing on a soapbox talking about second hand shopping & independent brands, I thought I’d revisit this delightfully rocker chic brand I partnered with on Instagram last year: Pink Sheep Heiress.…


Snowed In

It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen so much snow fall in the course of a weekend. Seattle was hit with so much snow it crippled the city and the outlying towns like where we live. In…

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Of Sun and Cold Shoulders

My parents moved to Arizona a few years ago and I will say it is quite nice to come and visit mid-winter and escape the dreary grey sky and utter soaking wet of Seattle. Even if the Arizona evenings…


Outlander Inspired Fashion: Claire Fraser

I have always been a fangirl. Ever since I was little I would watch a movie or a show and latch onto it if it resonated with me. I would then try to incorporate what I could into my…


Outfit: Navy Topshop Glitter Jumpsuit

I thought I was too short for jumpsuits and ill-proportioned for rompers; basically any one piece with pants/shorts was not for me. Turns out that isn’t the case.…