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Getting Married In Denmark: A Town Hall Wedding in Stevns

Two people stand in a doorway holding each other at Højerup old church in Stevns Klint Denmark after their wedding.

A town hall wedding in Denmark was the perfect route for me and my partner who is English and lives in the UK.

Two people stand in a doorway holding each other at Højerup old church in Stevns Klint Denmark after their wedding.

Despite meeting at a conference my husband and I were both speaking at, we are in fact introverts. I feel as though our public persona sometimes throws people off. I enjoy speaking at conferences despite the anxiety leading up to the actual speaking. As we’ve discussed our life ahead, we knew we wanted to get married but didn’t want to do the whole wedding extravaganza. We wanted the day to be about us with as little stress as possible.

So we got married in Denmark.

Why Get Married in Denmark?

Why’d we choose Denmark? It’s less complicated than other countries to get married in, especially for partners from different countries.

My husband is English and I’m American. I looked into getting married in the UK but due to the need to apply for a fiancé visa and where we were in our journey, the ease of getting married in Denmark was appealing. A former co-worker in Berlin recommended the company Getting Married In Denmark.

The company handles your application to the Danish government to get married, provides you with a checklist of documents needed and gets you scheduled in a town hall of your choice depending on availability. Compared to other countries, Denmark is relatively easy to apply to get married in, though this does depend on what countries you and your partner live in. I have an American passport and my partner has a UK one, so the paperwork required for us relatively little. No birth certificates required.

Getting Married in Denmark Package Service

I paid for their full-service package + apostille service, which certifies that your marriage certificates are legitimate. I took this extra step because I would be applying for a UK spouse visa soon after our wedding and didn’t want to have to send the certificates back to Denmark in case the UK government didn’t accept them without the apostille. This came out to just over 1000 or $1060. Honestly? It was worth it.

They handled everything for us except booking our travel, which I enjoy doing anyway, and I would go this route again. I didn’t have to worry about whether I missed a document or not. They scheduled the appointment after I gave them a few dates. No stress here apart from getting to the actual appointment.

Stevns Klint Town Hall Ceremony

We stayed in Copenhagen and then rented a car to get to our ceremony in Stevns Klint which was about an hour and 10 minutes away by car. I had originally planned for us to take the train but saw that we would have to change over to a bus to get to Stevns. I decided to rent a car because the frequency of the train/bus to Stevns was too low meaning if we missed our bus, we’d miss our ceremony. Not something I wanted to chance.

We chose Stevns Klint because the Copenhagen wait time can be 10 weeks for an appointment. Stevns Klint had much sooner availability.

The drive was really pretty and then we had the freedom to go wherever after the ceremony which I’m glad we did because we wound up taking some beautiful pictures together on the coast in a church from 1200 AD, 5 minutes down the road from the town hall.

Our ceremony was short and sweet. Our officiant read us a lovely poem I wasn’t expecting, and we had two witnesses provided by the town hall. We exchanged rings, said I do, and were done in 10 minutes.

The officiant also recommended the UNESCO World Heritage Site where the Højerup old church is located. I didn’t have the footwear to go explore below the church but you apparently can go and hunt for fossils, which would have been an amazing wedding day activity. Instead we took our wedding photos inside the church and were there are the perfect time for the perfect light inside.

Two people stand in a doorway at Højerup old church in Stevns Klint Denmark after their wedding.

Wedding Photos in Højerup old church in Stevns Klint Denmark

The exterior of Højerup old church in Stevns Klint. The exterior of Højerup old church in Stevns Klint.

The interior of Højerup old church in Stevns Klint Denmark. There are old faded religious imagery on the walls that look medieval.

After the Ceremony…dinner in Copenhagen and Apostille Service

After exploring the church area, we got in the car and headed back to Copenhagen to drop off our car and then took the day to ourselves. I booked a special dinner at Kong Hans Kælder, a two-star Michelin star dining experience which I will recap in another post along with our Copenhagen hotel. It was exceptional and honestly another perfect part of our day. It was intimate and an experience we normally wouldn’t have.

For the Apostille service to certify our marriage certificates, Getting Married in Denmark made it super easy as well. You’re able to drop your certificates off in the Scandic Hotel next to the Copenhagen Town Hall in the main square. Just take it to reception and they’ll handle it. It took a little over a week to get the certificates certified and mailed back to me in Phoenix. Again, super easy. You can also mail the certificates in yourself to be certified but the drop off point being right there in Copenhagen was too convenient.

I would do it all again. Thank you to the Getting Married in Denmark team for making it super easy and stress-free. I’ve had a super stressful year and have found so much relief in these services that companies provide and handle things for you.


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