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2023 Witchy Aesthetic Edit: Occult, Wicca and Goth Jewelry

I love alternative style jewelry that trends toward gothic and witchy. Rogue and Wolf is one of my favorite jewelry and witch themed brands and they’ve got some gorgeous sterling silver and steel jewelry.

Shop: Spiderhug Ring in Mirror Steel

Shop: Occult Black Silver Moon Ring

Shop: Goth Cat Skull Ring in Mirror Steel


Shop: Hunt Ring in Mirror Steel


Shop: Rune Ring in Mirror Steel


Fall is finally in full swing and I love exploring any witchy and dark gothic brands to see what’s new. Good decor and accessories always pop up around Halloween for the spooky season so I use it as a chance to snatch up things to use all year long. I am a witchy woman through and through. Check out more witchy and wicca jewelry brands in my other post: http://Witchy and Wicca Jewelry Brands.



Happy spooky season!


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