Dune Aesthetic Clothing | Women’s Outfit Inspiration with Dion Lee

The new season from designer Dion Lee is giving me serious Dune Aesthetic vibes and I’m here for it.

I have seen Dune 2 and fallen back in love with the cinematography and style all over again. The textures and shapes in Dion Lee’s new collection seems like they would fit in on the planet Arrakis and while I’m in the midst of rethinking my wardrobe, I’m seriously tempted. The pieces are edgy but elegant.

They feel like they would fit in a Sci-Fi scene while not being overly outrageous. The neutral tones and textures are similar to the neutral colors in Dune and feel very earthy. The textures and shapes of the clothing are different and feel a little alien and Blade Runner-like but again, don’t feel out of place like a campy sci-fi movie, which is probably why the costumes in Dune are so good…it feels like more serious & adult science fiction.

If you’re feeling inspired by Dune and trying to add some things to your wardrobe to make your look more edgy, I think Dion Lee delivers. With Dune 3 being confirmed, it’s safe to say it’s had an impact and I can’t wait to see more of this filter out into high fashion. You can follow along for more Dune Inspo on my Pinterest board: Dune Aesthetic Clothing. Heaven knows this is my aesthetic and I’ll be on the hunt for more Dune inspired pieces.

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