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Skincare: Herbivore Botanicals Review

herbivore botanicals product review

I’ve been feeling guilty lately when it comes to being a consumer, especially a consumer of skincare & beauty items. I have a few Neutrogena products that I have used religiously the past few years but one of the face scrubs has microbeads in it. My regular face wash is just in a plastic squeeze tube. It’s all the plastic that’s used that is starting to get to me.

I had found out about the Herbivore Botanicals brand from a few of Moore Seal’s Instagram posts, so I finally decided to try them a month ago. This is my review of their blue clay mask and red clay bar of soap after using them for about two weeks without using the other face wash products I’d grown accustomed to.

I have sensitive, combination dry & oily skin. I suffered from terrible acne growing up and it wasn’t until college when I started exploring skincare items that my face finally cleared up. It is an ongoing process though. If I don’t stick to my routine, or fall asleep without washing my face, I will break out.


Herbivore Botanicals Pink Clay Cleansing Bar Soap

herbivore botanicals review pink clay bar

I’ve used this product far more than the blue clay mask, and it’s because the smell of it when you put it on your face has a citrusy tang to it. I love all citrus essential oils, and there is a blood orange essential oil in this bar of soap so that it explains my immediate draw to it. It lathers up nicely on your face & after washing it off, my skin just feels clean. It doesn’t feel like it’s been stripped of oils or overly dry like with medicated acne washes I use. I follow up with a toner and serum and moisturizer.

No matter how clean or soft my face may feel, I always have to follow up with a toner. I can’t stand that bare feeling after washing my face.

The main ingredients of this bar of soap are french pink clay, geranium essential oil, and blood orange essential oil. The rest of the ingredients are all natural.

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Herbivore Botanicals Blue Clay Spot Treatment

herbivore botanicals blue clay mask

This mask is recommended to treat already existing blemishes. I have used this far less than the pink clay bar of soap, but for me I did see a reduction in blemishes that were starting to form along a my jaw line.

This comes as a powder that you mix with water to form a paste. I used too much water the first time trying this, it takes a little bit of practice to get the ratio of water to powder correct to form a paste. It also doesn’t take a lot.

This was also a lot more drying than the pink clay soap bar, so this is something you will definitely want to follow up with a toner & moisturizer.

This product is made of Cambrian blue clay and rose geranium oil. To me it doesn’t smell as nice as the pink clay soap, but it isn’t unpleasant.

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Herbivore Botanicals Bath Salts

herbivore botanicals bath salts review

I have both the Calm & Detox Bath Salts. I definitely love them, but at $18.00 a bottle, I save them for more luxurious baths, when I’m feeling particularly worn out or stressed. I love the smell and they are a treat to use.

Buying the set of Calm + Detox Bath Salts only costs $32, so you save a few dollars in the long run if you go that route.

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Herbivore Botanicals Review

I 100% recommend this brand of skincare items. You know how I mentioned plastic bottles earlier in my post? There’s no plastic, everything I’ve seen so far is packaged in recyclable items. I love this. I may never buy another plastic bottle of face wash again.

Each order is handmade, right here in Seattle, with all natural ingredients. I didn’t know this was a Seattle made product until recently so it makes me happy to know I’m also shopping locally.

This review is 100% my own opinion, and I’m looking forward to trying more of Herbivore Botanical’s products, as they have quite a selection to choose from.


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