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Skincare Must Have: Vitamin C Serum

I am a skincare product snob. I have been ever since my beautiful friend and Dior makeup artist got me hooked on Dior skincare items. I hold their skincare items in high esteem, and anytime I contemplate the purchase of a drugstore moisturizer or serum, I end up turning back to my main love.


On top of Dior, I use Skoah masks and their turbo tonik toner, which I adore and my face has honestly never looked better. But as a PSA: it’s a constant vigilance sort of thing. If I miss an evening washing my face with my Neutrogena cleanser, it’s noticeable, I break out, or my skin is oily. There is no miracle skin care item that will take care of your face for you. 

Months ago I had been reading about skincare items that are popular in Korea. One of those was a Vitamin C serum. I kept that tidbit of info in the back of my mind until the other day, one of Amazon’s flash sale items was Pura D’or Vitamin C serum.


I have a combination of oily and dry skin. Some parts of my face seem oilier than the rest, and I have always struggled with maintaining clear skin since middle school. I am prone to acne if I don’t stay vigilant with my cleanser, and it’s taken a few years of using Dior’s Diorsnow moisturizer to fade acne scars.

The first night I used the vitamin c serum, I washed with my Clairisonic brush & Neutrogena cleaner, my Skoah toner, and then applied the serum. It’s viscosity is just a little bit lighter & fluid like than the Dior serums I have used. It doesn’t require a lot either, I use a little less than half the dropper provided.

My skin felt so soft and looked so clear the next morning. There was a noticeable difference in brightness, and I could already see one of the acne scars left from a very deep blemish on my chin had started to fade.

The days I don’t use it, my face doesn’t feel quite as fresh or look as bright. I am hooked and this is now an essential part of my skincare routine in the evening.

You can purchase Pura D’or on Amazon by clicking on the product image above.

In other news, I can’t believe it’s August already. So much to do and I’m getting married in a month!




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