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New Year’s Day 2017: A Stroll in the Snow

photo in a tunnel looking through to the end

I have to say, 2017 started out in a great way. When I woke to take the pups out in the morning, I found it had snowed sometime after midnight, a good few inches and it stuck. I was worried about it melting and I wanted to take photos with my new camera, so we bundled up and walked the dogs down to the park.

We came back from our adventure in the snow & I promptly got online to order a new pair of snow boots. I wore a reeeeaaaaaally old pair of lace up Uggs out, and they don’t have the best traction. I have a rather disappointing pair of North Face snow boots that don’t keep my feet warm at all and have good traction, but because of the lack of toastiness, I decided to order a new pair.

As one of my goals for the year was to be more open with my partner about what I’m purchasing, I picked a few different boots, got his opinion and made sure this wasn’t an impulse buy and is necessary. I ended up ordering a pair of Uggs, the deciding factor being the Vibram sole for traction (and also that I know Uggs keep my unreasonably cold feet warm at all times).

Below are some of the winter boots I recommend for function & warmth.


We ended our day at a friend’s house, drinking warm cocktails (a very old family recipe), watching the Seahawks play, eating a poor man’s dinner (a tradition I hadn’t heard of until last night) and playing Cards Against Humanity for hours. It was lovely and relaxing.

Happy 2017 everyone. I hope everyone’s start to the New Year was wonderful and that the year continues to be as such.

(Also, my fear of the snow melting was misplaced, it didn’t melt and it’s still quite a winter wonderland this morning.)


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