Burberry AW17

burberry aw17

burberry aw17

Burberry is one of those brands where it’s very rare that I don’t like a runway collection. More likely than not, I’m fawning over their boots, the runway¬†trench coats, and dresses. The Burberry AW17 Runway collection is no different.

This collection is full of beautiful structured pieces and mixed textures. My favorite items from the collection aren’t any of the mixed texture pieces. Ruffles aren’t my thing, but I can appreciate the thought and structure that went into each piece.

No, my favorite pieces are the lace, embroidered dresses and skirts, and the structured knits. I love the high-end sweatshirt look with strips of contrasting fabric to build the piece.


One-shoulder cable knit wool blend dress

This dress is my favorite from the collection. It is quintessentially me & my style. Combining cozy knits with an edgy asymmetric style, this dress would be purchased…like, now…if my partner and I weren’t in the middle of trying to buy a house.

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one shoulder cable knot dress burberry


Embroidered Tulle Panelled Skirt

Tulle. What more can I say here? I am generally not a girly girl but I do love lace and tulle and these soft cream tones are lovely. I love the contrast of the delicate fabric here against the sculptured sweatshirt that is paired with this skirt.

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embroidered tulle panelled skirt burberry aw17


Mid-calf knitted boots with sculpted heel

The structure of the actual heels on these boots is fantastic. Everything about this boot has a geometric feel without being rigid. These are a sculpture, a piece of art, all in themselves.

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mid calf knitted-boots with sculpted heel burberry aw17


Oversize Collar Teddy Shearling Pea Coat

After this winter, I’m obsessed with the teddy bear coat and this one is no exception. This coat looks incredibly cozy and luxurious. Wrap me up in this please!

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Embroidered Tulle Panel Dress

Again, more delicately embroidered tulle, but this time as a dress. Everything about this piece is so dreamy. It reminds me of a modern, edgy Little Bo Peep. The cream, the tulle. Yes please.

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embroidered tulle panel dress burberry aw17


All photos have been pulled from the Burberry site. Head over there to check out the rest of the collection and a video of the runway show.



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