Keeping Cozy

I received this amazingly cozy fleece North Face jacket from GigaSaavy the other day, and the timing could not have been more perfect. I had my tonsils out on Wednesday and was told to dress cozy. I don’t have very many in between items when it comes to my coat and sweatshirt collection. It’s either heavy duty or extremely light fabric. This fleece was just the perfect in between for me.


I was able to wear this while I waited at the surgery center and never got too hot or too cold. I could easily go from outside to indoors without feeling a drastic change.

I love to be cozy, and living in the rainy northwest, you certainly have days where the gloom and doom of the grey skies during fall and winter just makes you want to be in a cozy outfit without looking like you’re in your pajamas. I have been living in this fleece the past few days as I mope around the house. I haven’t had to turn up the heat, which I’m notorious for doing, while I wear this jacket around the house.

Even the pup likes to cozy up next to me or nestle in the coat while my back is turned.


It’s so versatile that it would fit well under a snowboard jacket and be a nice warm layer while out in the snow.

For the moment though, it’s keeping me nice and cozy indoors as I recover from surgery. This is the Pacific Northwest, and I don’t think you can ever have enough cozy coats to get you through fall and winter around here.

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