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The Moon and The Stars

This is one of the joys of second hand shopping that I’m coming to love: finding something that so perfectly fits your style, is good quality, and is otherwise hard to find. Like this Escada moon & stars belt.…


An Oversized, Fuzzy Jumper

It’s finally back to work this week. Some of my team is still out so I expect it to be quiet until next week. I’m trying to remember the last time I had a week off and stayed home.…

black milk style

Black Milk & Mermaid Hair

It’s officially Black Milk season. I mean, technically, ALL year is Black Milk season but I tend to wear it more in the autumn and winter. Cozy boots, big sweaters, and black milk clothing.…

wine and champagne themed sweatshirts

Sassy Sweatshirts

1. Bow & Drape ‘Eat. Pray. Rose.’ | 2. Brunette ‘This Wine is Making Me Awesome.’ | 3. Brunette ‘No Champagne No Gain’ | 4. Sundry ‘Slay’ I’m a cozy person. I love to bundle up in sweatshirts all…

daily life travel

The Autumn Effect

It’s barely the end of August, and I should be savoring the last few weeks of heat and sun Seattle has been blessed with. But darkness was beginning to fall around 8:30 and as if in acknowledgment of my…


Keeping Cozy

I received this amazingly cozy fleece North Face jacket from GigaSaavy the other day, and the timing could not have been more perfect. I had my tonsils out on Wednesday and was told to dress cozy. I don’t have…