Sassy Sweatshirts

wine and champagne themed sweatshirts

wine and champagne themed sweatshirts

1. Bow & Drape ‘Eat. Pray. Rose.’ | 2. Brunette ‘This Wine is Making Me Awesome.’ | 3. Brunette ‘No Champagne No Gain’ | 4. Sundry ‘Slay’

I’m a cozy person. I love to bundle up in sweatshirts all day, any day. Lately I’ve come across a bunch of sassy and funny sweatshirts. These are my absolute favorites of the bunch I’ve found at Nordstrom.

Three out of four are all related to drinking. What can I say, I love rosé and I love champagne.

Shop more awesome sweatshirts after the link.

These would make a great gift for any of those cheeky people in your life.

The holiday season is about to kick off, more holiday gift guides coming soon.


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