The Moon and The Stars

This is one of the joys of second hand shopping that I’m coming to love: finding something that so perfectly fits your style, is good quality, and is otherwise hard to find. Like this Escada moon & stars belt.

Maybe it’s a bit stereotypical, but as someone who identifies with the Wiccan practice, I like to incorporate pieces that are witch-like and dark or alternative into my style. Lace-up heeled booties are no exception to this rule and for some reason I’ve re-discovered my Timberland heeled booties and have been wearing them like crazy.

They are perfect for the Pacific Northwest and our generally rainy weather, but they’re not super heavy or clunky so they’re a nice stylish but practical heel.

I also noticed that Timberland has got some great booties at the moment too, beyond the sort of standard heel in color and shape.

Shop Timberland Booties

In other news, I’ve started to pack away my thick autumn and winter sweaters. Mornings are still chilly but not 25 degrees chilly anymore, thank goodness.


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