Burgundy & Sherpa: Winter Brunch Outfit

Sometimes when my partner and I go out to brunch, I like to dress up. Sometimes I get too comfortable at work, surrounded by engineers, all in t-shirts and jeans and I forget I have a closet full of things I love to wear.

Right behind our normal Redmond brunch spot, Woodblock, there’s a walkway with lights. My partner knows that after brunch, we’ll be going back there for a quick photoshoot.

Usually I can’t do any sort of photoshoot with Ryan because he sends me into a fit a giggles and he snaps photos at the most inopportune of times because I’m making faces at him.

Since we bought a home and moved out to the country outside of Bellevue, we don’t go out to dinner as much. It was easier to put off making dinner and hop over to Issaquah or downtown Bellevue when we were in an apartment. Now if we don’t plan ahead, we don’t go out to dinner, so we usually go to brunch on the weekend, and sometimes I like to look my best while sucking down a Bloody Caesar before going off on whatever after-brunch adventure we have planned.


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The pants are originally from asos and the top from Nordstrom but they’re over a year old so I’ve linked some similar items.


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