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The Autumn Effect

It’s barely the end of August, and I should be savoring the last few weeks of heat and sun Seattle has been blessed with. But darkness was beginning to fall around 8:30 and as if in acknowledgment of my sudden awareness of the looming season, the next day’s breeze had a crispness about it that finally indicated Autumn was already on her way.

The feeling of the breeze always makes me nostalgic & yet filled with anticipation. Boots, pumpkin spice things, pretty colors, and the overall coziness that comes with the season.

For some reason I associate the fall with the UK and start listening to Celtic music more & dreaming about fall in London or the Scottish Highlands. I couldn’t tell you why or when this association started, it’s just always been in the back of my mind.

fall in scotland

fall in scotland / pulled from pinterest

So as I cling to the end of summer…autumn is beckoning me into September, with cozy dreams of what’s to come, not just this autumn, but next, when I finally go to London and make some dreams come true.



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