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A Drumnadrochit Stay in a Scottish Bed & Breakfast

If there’s one thing I could change about my and my partner’s trip to Scotland in 2015 it would be that we could have spent a few days in the Highlands, as opposed to doing a 12 hour van tour with a few short stops. But I hadn’t planned our stay very well and the tour was sort of a last minute decision I made. Mostly because I wanted to go to Loch Ness, where we got to go on a boat ride for about an hour round trip before hopping back in the van and taking off down the other side of the country.

This time around, following basically the same route, I planned one night’s stay in Drumnadrochit at the Springburn B&B. That way we could continue on our way down Loch Ness and through Glen Coe through the Trossachs and back to Edinburgh.


I should say the schedule for both days didn’t even remotely map to what I had tried to plan, and after a rough morning of driving out of Edinburgh and onto Pitlochry, I was defeated and exhausted, and it turned out this Scottish Highland Bed & Breakfast was just the perfect experience to lift my mood and erase the horror of driving on the wrong side of the road earlier.

The Scottish Highland Village of Drumnadrochit

Drumnadrochit (which I learned how to pronounce and can’t stop repeating when I have a chance) is a tiny village, about halfway down the northern side of Loch Ness. It’s a mile or two away from Urquhart Castle, and surrounded by rolling green hills, spotted with sheep and cows. It’s dreamy. So dreamy I contemplated coming home and telling my partner we are moving to Scotland and opening a B&B!

You know what was also dreamy? The backdrop the village provided for a dreamy Highland outfit of the day shoot, a preview of which is below. The walk from our B&B into the village wasn’t very far, and along the way you cross over a bridge with stonework and idyllic green fields full of sheep in the background.

My brother, looking contemplative


Despite being so small, I was surprised to see there were more cafes and spots to eat open when we walked into the main village around 7 PM (which is just the main highway through the village, again, tiny), so be forewarned that Google’s info is not up to date or complete.


A Scottish Bed & Breakfast

The Bed & Breakfast was a delightful experience. The only thing that was bothersome was out of anyone’s control and that was the time the sun sets in the summer! Still very decently light out at 11 PM, what is this madness? I love my late summer nights in Seattle, but the sun rises at 4:30ish AM in the Highlands. That just won’t do for me if I don’t have my sleep mask to blot out the light (which I didn’t have.)

It was lovely to wake up and have the hospitality of our hosts and there was an older Scottish couple staying there too. There’s something so delightful in spending the morning chatting and hearing about other people’s adventures and their life in general in the U.K.

You honestly can’t beat waking up to coffee and a traditional Scottish breakfast, and when I say traditional, yes there was haggis and black pudding involved.

We were checked out by 10 AM, and continued on our way for our second and final day of our road trip. Yet again though, it seems like there just wasn’t time to see everything we wanted to in the Highlands so a longer stay is in the future and the Bed & Breakfast option is most definitely the way to go.  I’m not sure if there would be many hotel options deep in the Scottish Highlands, not that you would want to go that route anyway (where’s the experience in that?)

Stay tuned for more Scotland posts: up next, where we stopped & what we saw on our short two day road trip in the Highlands. Don’t forget to checkout my previous post, my Drumnadrochit outfit.


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