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A Scottish Highland Dream in Drumnadrochit

I’ve always been drawn to the British Isles, for years and years I wanted to travel to England, and my first trip abroad, across an ocean, was to Ireland. That trip only fueled my attraction to this area of the world. I can’t explain why I’m so drawn to it, my ancestors come from the region and I find the ancient history of the Celts and the Picts fascinating. Maybe it’s just my imagination gone wild with stories from history but I’m so wonderfully ensnared by the region, I feel like I could visit 100 more times and never get bored.

Life in the Highlands is fascinating to me, especially as you drive through some of the more barren regions where people did actually live and you wonder how hard life must have been, how cold, and how necessary whisky actually was to keep you warm. Everything I know about Britain, I’m enchanted by. So of course, while walking into Drumnadrochit from our B&B, I was struck by an enchanting scene on a stone bridge with perfect light and a dreamy, green backdrop dotted with white, fluffy sheep.

Uhm, hello gorgeously, magical outfit of the day shoot of my dreams!

It was cold, which was a bit of a bummer as one of the locals in Inverness had told us it had been 80 degrees the previous week. And I don’t just mean a summer chill, it might as well have been late autumn in Seattle when the sun wasn’t out, but when that sun came out, oh it was glorious. Luckily the sun was out on our walk into the village so it was a fairly pleasant stroll. I layered one of my Missguided sweaters over a Zara dress with my Sorel boots.

Those Sorels saved my feet by the way. Edinburgh was wet, even by my Seattle standards, but that’s for another post.

Drumnadrochit is nestled in the beautiful highland hills, about halfway down the north side of Loch Ness. I’ll admit it, I’m a Loch Ness monster believer, I did a presentation on the Loch in grade school, when I was really young. I even remember the big trifold cardboard display I made for the presentation.

What can I say? I am a dreamer of improbable dreams, and there’s something magical about old folklore, old stories (and yes I know that one Loch Ness photo was a hoax) but I think people want to believe in the unknown sometimes. That unsolvable mystery with photos and video that always seem to capture something but we can’t quite figure out what.

The Highlands are magical, and I keep finding myself thinking, ‘just leave me in Drumnadrochit with some Scotch whisky, some Highland Cows and running a B&B.’ What a dream that would be.

Stay tuned for some upcoming posts highlighting our stops in the Highlands, new Edinburgh recommendations and highlights from London.


Outfit details: 

Dress: Zara | Sweater: Missguided (similar: f21) | Shoes: Sorel



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