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Outfit: Snow Day Essentials

The Seattle area shuts down when it snows 2 inches, that’s well known, but when it snows a foot in 24 hours?! Break out the hot chocolate and cozy blankets. This is a real snow day! Growing up in Spokane I am accustomed to driving in inches and inches of snow. I remember driving to my high school, 45 minutes away, when there was about 10 inches of snow on the road. School rarely ever shut down. I don’t think I remember having a snow day at all growing up.

When we have a real snow day here, it’s exciting. My partner and I take the dogs on a walk in the morning, because they love the snow too. This time it was so deep though that Vogue pup was barely taller than the snow drifts. She had so many snow balls stuck to her underside. ­čśé

Everything warmed up rather quickly, so the snow didn’t stick around that long. I’ve never seen it so┬ámuch water in 24 hours and that’s saying something for this area. But now I’m ready for spring and sunshine. I’m tired of wearing Uggs all the time and the┬áridiculous heating bill for our apartment (exciting news though, we’re starting the home buying/building process! No more apartments please).


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