Outfit: Navy Topshop Glitter Jumpsuit

I thought I was too short for jumpsuits and ill-proportioned for rompers; basically any one piece with pants/shorts was not for me. Turns out that isn’t the case.

Shop: Topshop Glitter Jumpsuit

I recall one terrible shopping session in a Forever21 dressing room. I tried on a romper and it was so ill-fitting that I didn’t touch a romper again for nearly 5 years. Turns out terrible lighting and cheap clothing aren’t at all flattering.

So I’ve been enviously eyeing local Seattle ladies who have been rocking jumpsuits thinking I just couldn’t pull that look off….that is until a Bellevue Nordstrom sales associate brought me this Topshop glitter jumpsuit while I was trying on a few other things.

I kind of smiled wryly as I held up the jumpsuit thinking “I’m not even going to try this” but then I decided “why not?” It was a cute piece and trying it on wouldn’t hurt (famous last words while shopping.)

Turns out that one terrible experience in a store tainted how I felt about my body and a particular item of clothing when in fact it was cheap, poorly made fast fashion to blame. So props to that Nordys sale associate, thank you for bringing me that jumpsuit and changing my perception of myself just enough to bring a little more confidence to my fashion choices.



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    February 24, 2019 at 7:19 pm

    This absolutely looks excellent on you!

    My issue with rompers is the getting naked to use the restroom part!

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