Witchy Woman: the Imperfect Details

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The day before the Seattle Style Summit this year, my partner and I were at brunch while I was lamenting over my nerves. Not necessarily social anxiety nerves, but something I’ve always struggled with: fitting in. Scrolling through the Instagrams of other Seattle style bloggers leaves me feeling out of place at times. I don’t really consider myself extremely feminine and have always been drawn to the darker, edgier side of style.

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I’m not always the most put together person. Even when I do manage to wear something other than a Doctor Who or Depeche Mode t-shirt with jeans to work, my hair is frizzy, details aren’t polished. I simply cannot find the energy to put into doing my hair or adding a cat-eye with my eyeliner.

I’m sure some of that is partly fueled by anxiety and depression I battle on the daily. But it’s my reality: I am not perfect, and I’m certainly not trying to project that through my social media accounts. I am a quirky, geeky, grunge, punk and alternative-style-inspired gal.

My house is generally covered in dog toys and dog fur and there’s a lot of work to be done to it. The furniture is handed down from my partner’s family and it certainly isn’t modern. Spending money on a new mattress that wasn’t a $100 IKEA brick was more important than replacing our perfectly useable couch. My life is far from the Instagrammable accounts of influencers with tens of thousands of followers.

So all of this was fueling my feelings about fitting in and going to the Style Summit, and honestly this is nothing new, I’ve felt like this since grade school. But my partner, being the amazing man that he is said that I shouldn’t worry. My uniqueness makes me stand out in a good way.

Imagine my surprise then when a few different ladies approached me to tell me how much my style inspired them…that the whole witchy, dark vibe is what they liked about my style.

I was floored, and taken aback, and suddenly all those things I worried about were washed away. I’m a very shy person face to face so it was even more of a fluster for me but it’s a moment I won’t soon forget.

I never expected someone to be inspired by my style and that is quite honestly one of the most uplifting and meaningful things someone has ever said to me.

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    Julie Acda
    March 28, 2018 at 11:25 pm

    Thank you for doing you! I get lost in all the perfectly polished IG influencer accounts out there. Not that I’m slamming them for doing their thing, but I find I am so easily influenced by them (which is frankly what they’re trying to do), that the line between being inspired and trying to look like them becomes blurry. I’m still trying to find my own style. So thanks for showing that it is possible to stay true to yourself.

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