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New York City Photo Diary

I am lucky enough to get to travel occasionally for my job on the Microsoft Edge team. I traveled to Portland often at my last job and even had two trips to Monterey, CA for work with a client. But a part of me always wanted to travel elsewhere *coughLONDONcough* and that never happened. When I took this job I didn’t realize I would get to travel as much as I have.

So 36 hours after I returned from the U.K. I hopped on a plane to NYC to man the Microsoft Edge booth at Smashing Conference.


There wasn’t a lot of free time obviously, so my time exploring was limited. I stayed at the Novotel Hotel just a few blocks from Times Square which was central to a lot of the touristy areas and the conference venue. I barely scratched the surface of the city. Also it was hot and sooooo muggy so I tried to keep my time outside limited. I did walk up to Central Park & the Bethesda Terrace and then back down 5th Avenue. The next & final night I wandered into Times Square and then back to the hotel. Really a very quick trip.

I maybe, kind of walked here because of a Doctor Who episode. Heh.



I just got back from San Francisco, from another conference last week…I have been all over this year!

Sorry for the short posts & lack of posts recently. Blog posts are running a bit behind as my partner & I pack up and move into our new home. More from me soon!


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