For the Love of Shoes

For the Love of Shoes: Rainbow Bright

Over the past year it seems disco and funk is slowly seeping into my day to day. My favorite set at a festival last year was by Glasgow DJ Denis Sulta whose House music comes with echos of the 70s and funk.

I’m listening to more old funk tunes than I ever have in my life while also finding the artists of today who are infusing disco and funk with house beats.

And now it seems that love of funk and disco is showing up in this season’s coming trends. Rainbow and metallic heels are in abundance and I can’t get enough. I fell in love with these Christian Louboutin Mule Heels (#1 in the list below), and they’re at the top of my wishlist.

They are the shoes that sent me down to rabbit hole to find more rainbow retro vibe shoes, and I’ve compiled my top 10 favorite finds below.



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