A Pop of Pink: Goodbye Winter, Hello Seattle Spring

We had a glorious moment of Spring-ish weather, sunshine and warmth included.

So in celebration of that, I pulled out my pink Michael Kors aviators to offset all that black I like to wear. All this black makes it look like I’m mourning the death of winter. (I’m not.)

I’m anxiously awaiting warmer days: hikes, rooftop BBQs overlooking downtown Seattle, floating in Lake Washington, music festivals and days when it’s light until 10 PM.

When I was 18 and still lived in Spokane, I would get on the highway, coming back from classes in the evening and have all my windows down, music cranked and that warm summer air blasting me in the face. It was wonderful. I am most definitely a summer child with a soft spot for Autumn.

What are you looking forward to doing when summer arrives?


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