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A Stop Near Icicle Creek in Leavenworth

Ryan and I have lived in various spots through the Puget Sound over the years and where we lived dictated which route we would take to visit his parents north of Wenatchee. Some years we would take Highway 2 over Steven’s Pass and some years it was I-90 to Cle Elum and over Blewett Pass. Both routes are pretty drives, Cle Elum has a good meat shop to stop at (mmm pepperoni) and a cute coffee shop, while the Highway 2 route takes you through the always scenic village of Leavenworth.

Of course during the holidays, it’s always fun to take the route through Leavenworth. Snow & the festive decor of the village make it a must stop spot. For years though, Ryan and I have stopped in the canyon that’s North West-ish of the village.

During our trip over for Thanksgiving we stopped at a trailhead and took some photos on the bridge. I was wrapped up in my big chunky kensie teddy bear coat, which is perfect for winter. I love to be bundled up and was thankful for it as it started to snow pretty heavily while we stood above the river. We stood and enjoyed the sounds of nature before making our way back to our car to continue the rest of our drive.

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