Casual Style With a Teal Graphic T-Shirt, Blazer, and Slip-on Sneakers

I used to hate blazers. I would buy them thinking I would start to love them and then despite trying them on multiple times would just look at myself in the mirror unhappily. It just wasn’t the right time for blazers for me. Or I didn’t understand how a different cut of blazer might look different on me.

Then in the autumn of last year I tried on a blazer at Topshop that didn’t make me crinkle my face in disgust when I looked in the mirror. That one was plaid, because I can never have enough plaid. Then a few months later in Nordstrom, I found this Topshop blazer and again liked the way it looked. It’s become one of the staples of my closet as I love to pair one of my many graphic t-shirts with it.

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I love the versatility of the blazer. It can make a super casual look a bit more elevated.

I went to return some shoes at Nordstrom and did my usual wander through the store right after and found a new blazer for spring that I’m loving. It’s neutral plaid (again) with just a pop of green. Perfect for spring!


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