Outfit: Forgotten Finds & New Pieces

cardigan autumn outfit closeup

cardigan autumn outfit

I’m terribly notorious for buying clothes and then letting them sit in my closet, tag still on if new, or just untouched if it was bought at a thrift store. This cardigan has been staring at me for at least a year. I snatched it up at Goodwill but the few times I pulled it out and tried it with whatever outfit I had on, it just didn’t quite look¬†right.

But then I paired it with this top I purchased from the Nsale and suddenly the outfit clicked.

I have so many forgotten items in my closet that I’m now making an effort to use. I am quite literally out of space in my closet until we move into a house. It’s definitely time to get extra creative with my closet.

cardigan autumn outfit closeup

autumn outfit

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