Outlander Inspired Fashion: Claire Fraser

September 2022 Update: you can find products that are in stock and of similar style in my Amazon list for Outlander Inspired Fashion. Favorite the list to stay up to date on new finds.


I have always been a fangirl. Ever since I was little I would watch a movie or a show and latch onto it if it resonated with me. I would then try to incorporate what I could into my daily style.

Even in grade school, despite having uniforms, I would try to mimic Queen Amidala or Princess Leia’s hairstyle. One summer I tried to dress like Lara Croft: black shorts and black and white tops all summer.

The list goes on and it certainly didn’t stop.

Warning: Possible light S4 Outlander spoilers below

I love the book and TV Series Outlander. The costumes are gorgeous and I’ve always been inspired by Claire’s outfits when she’s in the 1700s since season 1. I love the tartan and gathered skirts, and in the most recent season the somewhat earthy feel of homesteader Claire on Fraser’s Ridge.

Outlander Inspired Skirts

outlander inspired skirts

Outlander Inspired Tops

Free People tends to have a good selection of maxi-skirts that give me the vibe I’m looking for: plaid and flowy. For the picks above I focused on earthy or muted tones and cotton and linen fabric.

For the tops, the feature is the scoop neck I see Claire wearing this season, though hers may not be quite as delicate and has room for layering underneath, this feels like a good modern equivalent.

I suppose after all these years I’m still playing dress-up. I now just have the funds and access.

And there’s access to so many more designs, like Sassenach shirts!



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