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Adventures in Omaha – It’s Better Than You Think

I’m sure there are parts of the midwest that just aren’t enjoyable. Omaha is not one of those places. Perhaps it is the lack of sunshine in my life, the West Coast is incredibly gloomy, and Omaha is incredibly sunny and warm and I was looking forward to that, and for my family, including my grandma, who we call b├íka (grandma in serbo-croatian), to all be in one place. My brother graduated from his first four years of college (he will be continuing on in the medical field), and it was overall a fantastic weekend.


Omaha is actually full of some incredibly unique boutiques, and I found some amazing pieces of art, jewelry and clothing. The Old Market area is my favorite part of the city. Old brick streets, shops and restaurants with the “old midwest” kind of feel to them.





I went into a local art shop, Curbside Clothing, that has been around for only a year and completely fell in love with all this artist’s work. His name is Gerard Pefung. I love the elephants.




Fashion snags from Omaha:





I bought 2 rings from a local artist, I love how unique the wire handwrapped rings are. This was the item I was so thrilled about finding. It was out of the ordinary and I was beyond excited.

Apart from the shopping, we wandered around the Old Market, ate at many of the restaurants like Upstream Brewery and Spaghetti Works, and went out for drinks in the evening. It’s a pretty fun city. I will say, Nebraska is a little too flat for me. I need my ocean, I need my mountains. I need a sense of mystery and wonder about what lies over the hill in the misty woods.


But it was nice to come home with a sunburn. Something you can’t acquire easily in Seattle.

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