For the Love of Shoes

For the Love of Shoes: Think Pink

Spring is finally upon us…almost anyway. Is it really spring if it just snowed again? Ugh. Nothing like a rude awakening by your pups early on a Saturday morning only to be greeted by snowflakes falling and about half an inch of snow on the ground. Not okay Mother Nature! Not okay! I have some dahlia bulbs to plant and I’m very glad I haven’t planted them yet.

If the forecast is anything to go by though, we should be headed out of cold weather and into warmer days and dare I dream…into sandal weather?

I’m dreaming of sandal weather and nothing says spring (or sandal weather) quite like pink. Sandal weather won’t arrive for a bit in Seattle though so I’ve rounded up a list of my favorite pink shoes to take you into spring and summer whether they’re boots or you are somewhere where it is sandal weather.

Despite being someone who is generally drawn to dark colors, I like colored shoes. You can be in all black and a good pair of shoes can take it to the next level. A pop of color in your wardrobe during the dreary end of winter is a welcome sight too. If anything it can help brighten your mood until warmer temps finally do arrive.

Or if that isn’t enough, buy your sandals and take a trip somewhere hot and sunny. I’m currently wishing I was going to Arizona sooner rather than later but what can you do?


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