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Autumn Decor {Pretty Colors & Simple Things)

It is officially fall! Hooray! I went into Michaels the other day to buy some more yarn for some crochet projects I have going. Of course I left with more than yarn because whenever I enter a craft store in September, my inner homemaker comes out and I want to turn my apartment into a Pinterest pin. So I bought some items & made a cute little centerpiece that I can swap out materials in for different holidays.

What you’ll need:

Some sort of garland wire wrap from the floral section of a craft store…usually the items in the floral decor are pretty seasonal.

Vase filler. I found mine next to the wirewrap. There are lots of different options online from Factory Craft Direct or Pottery Barn. Michaels online had very limited seasonal inventory online, I bought mine in store.

Candles. I thought about purchasing the little flameless LED candles and I may still do that, but I loved the red color of these particular candles. If you’re using real candles you will need to make sure you have enough room in the vase you pick for it & filler around the side of it. ALSO: if you are using a real candle & plan to light it, make sure nothing can catch fire. I will not be lighting mine which is why I recommend the flameless candles.

Seasonal decor of your choice! I chose a pumpkin because…autumn. But there are some super cute autumn themed animals & other harvest type pieces.

Finally, I bought a chalkboard and some chalk to practice some lettering on. It’s not amazing but it doesn’t have to be. It works for me.

Fill your vase with some of the filler and then place your candle inside and hold it upright while you put the rest of the filler around it.

Wrap the wire garland around the base of the vase, arrange whatever other decor you have around it & voilà!

Happy Autumn! Be sure to follow me on Instagram as I’ll be heading to the UK in the next few days!

Xoxo Steph


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