The Witch’s Bedroom

Quite a bit has changed in the last few months which I’ll not detail here, but I’m in a new space and fully embraced the interior designer in me and have slowly started to put the space together. Someone asked me how I was going to design my space and I knew I wanted mid-century modern in the living room and a darker witchy vibe in my bedroom.

I can’t paint the walls or anything like that but I’m happy with how the bedroom came out. I picked gold as my main accent color and black as secondary and picked pieces around that. From the wall art to the mirror, those colors were my guide.

Witchy Wall Art

I bought prints from two of my favorite artists. The two black prints come from Poison Apple Printshop and the rabbit and statue come from The Creeping Moon. Some of the other wall pieces I picked up are from Michaels.

Yes. The craft store.
Yes. They’re technically Halloween pieces.
Yes. I am 100% that woman.

I also stumbled up on some moon phase wall art at World Market that I snatched up at a reasonable price.

Bedroom Furnishings

For the bigger pieces I found a pair of night stands from West Elm which are gorgeous quality and sturdy. They’re metal and quite heavy!

And continuing with the gold and black theme, I found some fun geometric lamps on Amazon that I fitted with Edison bulbs that make the room feel quite cozy and dreamy in the evening.

Bed Furnishings

The duvet I bought is no longer available on West Elm, but I did finally purchase one of those giant chunky knit blankets I’ve been eyeing for ages.

My faux shaggy pillows also finally found a place on the bed and after hearing about silk pillowcases being good for your skin, I bought some of those too.

Witchy Bedroom Details

Everything else is just small details and trinkets I’ve gathered over the years. I have dried flowers, fake flowers, a crystal shelf, sea shells, candles of all shapes and sizes, handmade dishes for jewelry. Just small things that are representative of me.

Ultimately I’m happy with my little bedroom space. It’s cozy and modern but with a touch of eclectic which is very me. It’s not one of those witchy bedrooms full of string lights and plants though I could definitely use some greenery.

But for now, in this spot that is most definitely not permanent, it’s nice to have a little sanctuary that makes me feel like me.


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