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November Reading List

Last year I really started making time for reading again. I setup my goal on Goodreads for 12 books: a book a month, and I ended up reading 19. So I setup my challenge at the beginning of this year for 20 books. October got away from me & while I wanted to read two books, I didn’t finish either of them. So October’s list is bleeding into my November reading list.

I signed up for Kindle Unlimited months ago and I love it. Many of the books I’ve read this year have been via that subscription service. If you enjoy reading & have a Kindle I would definitely check it out. A lot of the books I’ve read this year tend to be set in the UK and are mostly historical fiction. The first three books on my list are all historical fiction, with Outlander’s time travel theme being a bit more on the fantasy side but the rest of the story is so heavily surrounded by real events throughout the whole series.

The Last Great Pagan Queen: Book One: Hædfeld : The story of Cynewise, wife of Penda, an Anglo-Saxon king who created and ruled the kingdom of Mercia in the early Middle Ages (around 600 A.D.).

The Storm Breaks (The Jacobite Chronicles Book 4) : The fourth book in a series about a couple plotting with Charles Stuart to put him back on the throne. A bit Outlander-esque, minus the time travel and the story is focused on the Jacobite rebellion.

Drums of Autumn (Outlander Book 4) : Claire & Jamie set about to establish their life in the New World in the backcountry of North Carolina. I am reading this for the second time. I read book 3 to refresh my memory before season 3 of the TV adaptation started in September and just kept on re-reading the series.

The other books I plan to read this month are web design and technology based. They’re not required for my job, but I choose to read them to help further my skills as a web designer. Rachel Andrew is an expert in CSS Grid and wrote a book about The New CSS Layout. I’m very much looking forward to diving into it. The other book is Accessibility for Everyone, by Laura Kalbag, and is about designing with accessibility in mind. Rather than trying to make your design and content accessible toward the end of your project, accessibility best practices should be integrated into your workflow to create the best experience possible.

It had already snowed twice this month, and it’s only November 5th (remember how I said in my last post it was unusually warm? That didn’t last long.) I expect many cozy days of reading if this keeps up.

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