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    Military Jacket + Tulle

    I’ve been poking through my closet exploring what I haven’t worn in a long time or (ever) lately as my desire to shop has somewhat faded for the time being.…

  • travel Work Trip Photo Diary

    Berlin Photo Diary

    My team at Microsoft sponsored a fairly large JavaScript and CSS Conference in Berlin last week along with two other teams. The conference venue was at Arena Berlin, also called Treptow…

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    The Witch in the Garden: Plaid Linen Skirt

    I was walking into the office one morning, balancing two bags, a cup of coffee and a box of breakfast when the receptionist exclaimed how much she loved my skirt. “It…

  • style

    Pop of Color: Neon Yellow

    My style aesthetic between Seattle and Phoenix feels very different but I think that’s pretty normal.…

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    Casual in Camo

    The madness of this month is already in full swing so I’m gravitating toward more casual wear that’s east to throw together.…

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    Linen for Spring

    This year I’ve started wearing more things I used to think I didn’t look good in or didn’t think was my style: blazers, jumpsuits, heels. Your 30s brings a new kind…