A Walk in the Cherry Orchard

I’ve been so busy and am so behind on posts for the blog!

How is summer already over and done with? Seattle’s summer felt exceptionally dreary this year. We didn’t really get our blazing hot July and August, and September certainly decided to go straight into autumn mode.

In August, I was over in Eastern Washington for this first time in awhile. This is perhaps the most summer-y shoot I did this year.

I brought home two boxes of peaches and I made and canned peach jam, which turned out okay! I opened a jar a few weeks ago and it did turn out mighty fine if I do say so myself. But with that, summer is gone and it’s time to get cozy and festive for autumn. I’m breaking out the decor later today and have plans to bake something.

The garden is mostly salad greens now, with carrots and a few butternut squash and pumpkins. My garlic is arriving on Monday…I honestly can’t believe it’s time to plant it again.

And all this is happening in between trips. I was in Edinburgh, again, to give my first talk at a conference and then I’m off to Amsterdam in a little bit. This autumn is going to fly by just like summer did.


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