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Postcards from Edinburgh

I found myself in Edinburgh for a few short days at the end of a trip for work in London. I hopped on the train out of Kings Cross and though there were delays that disrupted my plans for that afternoon, I took it all in stride and wandered about my favorite city.

I wandered around taking photos and eating my way through Edinburgh, which was the plan. This time around I stayed at the Tigerlily Hotel in New Town, which was charming and hip and lovely. They even served Frosé in their restaurant and I happily had my first glass ever. It was delicious.

I spent most of my time in Old Town again though. I love the Royal Mile and if that makes me a tourist so be it but I love discovering all the little nooks and crannies I may have missed before.

Hopefully next time, I’ll make my way back into the Scottish Highlands, because there will be a next time, one way or another. I keep finding my way back to this beautiful, old city.


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