Travel Essentials

It’s been a little over 2 weeks since my return from tropical paradise (and oh how I wish I was still there basking in the sun) – and as I’ve sat down to think about what 2014 holds, I see more travel if things go as planned. I wanted to share a few of my travel essentials that are all carry-on friendly.


1. Aveeno Pure Renewal Dry Shampoo. To be honest I’m not sure if this comes in a carry on size but there are other dry shampoos that do come in smaller sizes. Dry shampoo gets rid of that greasy look and freshens your hair up right away.

2. Dior Airflash Foundation. Want to look like a million bucks after hours of travel? Spray onto and apply with a brush and your skin looks even toned & dewey. I was exhausted & comments had been made about how tired I had been looking. After I used Airflash one night, a few people in our group asked if I was feeling rested because I looked much better. It was the Airflash).

3. Halo Portable Charger. This was a Christmas gift and works better than the other portable charger I own, which pretty much died after one use. Plugin to charge and then take it on the go, it comes with an iPhone and Android adapter. I could take my phone with me for the day, drain the battery using it and then plugin the Halo charger and it would charge up with 1-2 hours, usually all the way to 100% and I would still have juice left over in the Halo that I would let my brother use up with his Android.

4. The Body Shop – Born Lippy. I’m obsessed with this lip balm. It adds a little bit of color & is extremely moisturizing. Leaving your lips nice & soft.

5. Michael Kors Tote. I have a longer tote that is bigger than the one shown but it is perfect for travel. I’m able to pack everything I need to carry on even an extra outfit in the case of my checked bag not making it to my destination with me.

6. Dior Eyebrow Pencil. This goes along with the Airflash & is one of my essentials for everyday use.

7. iPad. I take my iPad everywhere, it’s perfect for travel. And an essential tech item apart from my smartphone. Perfect for searching for info about activities, restaurants and sites to see.

8. Books. Lastly, vacation (or the flight to) is the perfect time to catch up on some reading. Last year I realized I missed reading & while I didn’t reach my goal of a book per month, I had read more than I had in a long time. It’s a nice way to disconnect from the internet & relax. I’m in the middle of Game of Thrones and the Electric Kool Aid Acid Test, and am once again aiming for 12 books read by the end of the year.

Here’s to hoping that 2014 is full of more travel, whether it be to Portland for work, Hawaii for the holidays, L.A. for fashion & relaxation in the sun, Chicago for family and last but not least, hopefully to London…but more on that later.

What are your travel essentials? I want to know!

xoxo have a great Sunday all and GO SEAHAWKS!


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