All About That Cuff (Bracelet)

So here we are, halfway through February already! The beginning of the year feels so far away, when I was sipping cocktails in sunny Kona & soaking up all the sun I could get. But that seems ages away & is not why I’m posting today.

Lately I’ve been feeling fierce. Is it the undercut I finally let my hair stylist do? I do feel like a motherfreaking Shield Maiden with it, and I’ve been binging on the TV show Vikings, so I would venture to guess yes, it is the undercut. But with a fierce haircut must come fierce accessories, and I’ve been drooling over chunky, arm engulfing cuff bracelets. Yes! I’m petite & small, but I love fat, chunky jewelry and these cuffs I’ve been looking at are literally ARMor (get it? I’m funny, I swear.)

The holy grail (my holy grail anyway) of these pieces is the Pamela Love Pentagram bracelet. One way or another I will get it at some point during this year. I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s geometrically beautiful. I need it. But for now I’m building my collection with some fun vintage pieces I found on eBay, which I’ll share when they arrive. One of them is posted below, the one without a number is one that is heading my way.


1. Pamela Love – Pentagram Cuff | 2. Gold Aztec Tribal Cuff | 3. Etsy JamieSpinello – Copper Cuff Bracelet Layered Bangles | 4. Etsy JamieSpinello – Cage Bracelet Solid Copper

What’s not to love? Maybe it’s the designer in me, all that beautiful geometry. Whatever it is, I love it & want to engulf my arms in it.

Have a wonderful week all,



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