Staying Stylish During Winter: Neutral Chanel Bag & Black Pleated Maxi Skirt

I need to start wearing more skirts because I have so many. I do love the witchier looking ones but the problem is I am cold…all the time. In winter I want nothing more to be wrapped up from head to toe.

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Winter in the pacific northwest can be so terribly hard to dress for sometimes. The dreary grey and soggy days leave me wanting to be curled up in a blanket rather than trying to put together a cute outfit. (Let’s be real though, part of that might be the depression.) But I struggle to find creativity in the winter, especially when my work environment is extremely casual.

In an effort to bring a little more style to the office though, I’ve been trying to make 2 of the 4 days I’m actually working in the office, stylish days: heels or some of my flashy boots (that aren’t rain boots), and more than jeans and a novelty tee (my closet is filled with them.)

But the hardest part, like I mentioned, is just the desire to stay dry and warm and that becomes a slippery slope into Uggs and yoga pants every single day.

How do you stay inspired during the winter to keep things stylish and cozy?



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