Black Celebration: Depeche Mode + Personal Style

I’ve been listening to a whole lot of Depeche Mode lately. I go through phases where I won’t listen to them at all, and then go on a spree of nothing but Depeche Mode songs.

I like to rediscover the songs I heard 13 years ago. In high school, an English teacher introduced the band to me when I asked for music recommendations. It was love at first listen and has been ever since. The group has undoubtedly shaped me as an artist, a designer, and my personal style.

I went through such a terrible 80s fashion phase when I was younger. 80s Depeche Mode style was SO 80s and alternative, at least member Martin Gore’s style was. Lead singer Dave Gahan has always been on point, however.

Now my style is much more refined…and I like to think there’s a touch of Depeche Mode in most of my outfits. Especially when I’m Dressed in Black. (That’s a Depeche Mode reference FYI.)

I’m looking forward to seeing them for a 3rd time live. This time in London. I couldn’t be more excited.

If you’ve never listened to Depeche Mode before, check out out my Essential Depeche Mode playlist.



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