Military Jacket + Tulle

I’ve been poking through my closet exploring what I haven’t worn in a long time or (ever) lately as my desire to shop has somewhat faded for the time being.

If I see something unique I will of course check it out and then, depending on where I am, wait on it but I made a fairly large handbag purchase that seems to have quelled any impulse shopping.

I pulled out this tulle dress I found in Scotland and a military vest I picked up at Zara in NYC a year and a half ago and thought what a unique pairing. I’d never thought to try these two items before. The green and the lavender go well together and there’s a mixture of textures happening that complemented each piece.

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The sun came out after the rain when I shot these photos and the light felt so dreamy! With the tulle I felt like a fairy in the garden.


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