Not a queen, a Khaleesi

Another month, another hair cut, another color change. Last December my stylist convinced me to just go all the way and get an undercut. She took the clippers and shaved off inches of hair on the right side of my head. My heart fluttered, my eyes got wide for a moment, and then when she finished and went to go mix up my purple color I turned my head to the side.

Damn. DAMN.

And I realized I would actually look pretty ok if I shaved my head. I’m not THAT adventurous with this ol’ head of hair, but it was a reassuring realization.

After a fresh coat of dazzling purple was applied, and the rest all trimmed off, I left feeling like a motherfucking shield maiden. Like Lagertha in Vikings. I felt badass. And I still do.

Photo on 4-21-15 at 9.48 AM #2

With Game of Thrones starting, of course I’m envious of Daenerys’ badass outfits and Sansa’s jewelry. So Yesterday I was walking around feeling fierce with my gold necklace & undercut. I wanted to walk around saying, “I’m not a queen, a khaleesi!”

So with summer approaching, here are few items I think are worthy of a khaleesi.


1. dress of athena | 2. Zigi Girl ‘Jae’ Sandal | 3. Stuart Weitzman ‘Sparta’ Sandal | 4. Free People Gnarly Vines Dress | 5. Trailing Jade Gown | | 6. Ancient Greek Sandals Niove Sandal

Have a lovely week everyone, I have lots of travel & other weekend adventures coming up. I can’t wait for summer!



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