Secret Garden: Witchy Style Fashion

As I’ve rolled past 30 years old and on into 31, I’ve noticed I’ve embraced my witchy side heavily over the past year. That mostly means long skirts and black tops.

And when I’m wandering through a shop for something and see a delightfully unique long skirt, I snatch it up, like I did this skirt that I found in Target of all places. I love finding unexpected pieces in a place like Target.

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The moodiness of this shoot fits the overall weather in the PNW right now. Summer popped out for but a moment and then left us with overcast skies and the occasional drizzle. The air conditioner remains mostly untouched while the heater has been turned on a few times in the morning.

I’m ready for the Seattle summer I know and love. The only advantage I see to cooler temps with a few sprinkles is a shortened wildfire season. So fingers crossed for that.

The garden is overflowing and I’ve been diligently trimming herbs and medicinal flowers to be dried for tinctures and teas and culinary use. There are a few things that have been struggling this year: cucumbers and any sort of pepper plant. I’m hoping once the sun comes out and warms things up, that both will flourish. Fingers crossed.


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