The Witch in the Garden: Plaid Linen Skirt

I was walking into the office one morning, balancing two bags, a cup of coffee and a box of breakfast when the receptionist exclaimed how much she loved my skirt. “It looks like you just floated on in.”

Excellent! If being described as “floating on in” doesn’t equate to witchy, I don’t know what does. I found this skirt in Zara (Shop: Zara Plaid Skirt with Ruffles), while I was visiting my mom in Arizona and I couldn’t resist another linen piece that is so airy with ruffles. Walking in a skirt that swishes and has it’s own sort of body is so fun.

I am loving the more airier skirts that aren’t so snug fitting. They’re perfect for spring and summer and I can wear them to work.

Speaking of summer though, the pacific northwest is doing its usual dreary May weather nonsense. Oh we’ve had a sunny day here and there where it’s been gorgeous, only to be followed by rain and 50 degree temperatures. I even made it over the mountains and though we had one day of lovely weather in Winthrop, it was a lot cooler than expected for Central Washington.

It’s been so chilly I started looking for a pair of mules or other slide-on shoes that are lined with something fuzzy because I don’t want to wear any boots! I’ve been traveling so often over the past month though that I’ve missed most of the good weather we’ve had. Typical.

Summer, I’m ready for you to be fully present.

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