London Part 1

Deep down there is a part of me that is an idealist. I get a romantic notion in my head about the way something should be & make me feel. I had this idea about autumn in the United Kingdom. I’m not sure why specifically autumn, and I’m not sure why specifically the UK. For years I have felt a pull from Britain. The idealist in me likes to think I had a past life there…but it’s probably because half of my heritage is from Britain.

Anyway, after a direct flight from Seattle to Heathrow, we touched down in London, exhausted, and made our way through Heathrow and took a cab into the city. We stayed in a lovely little flat called Villa Fitzrovial, about a 5-10 minutes walk north of Oxford Street, but being jetlagged and finally getting settled at 5PM UK time, we crashed…woke up at 1 AM, crashed again, and then managed to role out of bed still feeling funny, but ready to take on the day.


The view out the back of our flat. All of the brick is so charming.

We popped into a restaurant called the Riding House Cafe for some breakfast, which was delicious & we went about our day, proceeding to see almost every major site within walking distance.








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We stopped for lunch on the South Bank, then meandered slowly back toward our flat. For a place I’ve never been, it’s curious to me how being there felt so right as we wandered the streets. All was well and calm. It was beautiful.

A lovely start to the trip with much more to follow.

For now,
have a fabulous weekend.

Xoxo Steph


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