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A Holiday Look That Isn’t a Dress

I’m not a normal dresser when it comes to holiday wear. If I have an excuse to dress up I tend to go on the edgier side of things. Last year for my partner’s holiday party at a whisky distillery, I wore a faux leather dress that zipped up in the front with a plunging neckline. If you’re not so into the edgy look though, here’s a tamed down holiday look that isn’t a dress with just enough sparkle to feel festive.

Unfortunately my work team doesn’t have a formal holiday party so there’s no event to dress up for. That varies from team to team at Microsoft. I know some teams have them, ours have been informal in-office parties. Not quite the same as going out on the town with your team members and getting to meet their significant others. It’s just a different vibe. 

We realized our apartment Christmas tree is far too small for our new home and will be buying a new one next year. I am going to need more ornaments!

Shop the Look

This gold sparkle top with wide sleeves feels like a statement piece, extra accessories like jewelry don’t feel necessary. I picked a pair of eyelet leggings to accompany this top but it would go great with a skirt too. The bejeweled heel open toe mules additionally add some extra embellishment.

A look for a more casual holiday party for sure, but here in the Pacific Northwest you could pull it off at any holiday party. We’re a casual bunch up here.

I mentioned my team doesn’t have a formal holiday party, but as the new year rolls in, I’ll be taking over organizing some of our team morale events (for my smaller, immediate team). Unfortunately being sick the first couple weeks of the month, I didn’t get to put anything together or even mention it to everyone and then almost my entire team will be out this next week so I ran out of time. Hopefully I can plan on bringing some holiday cheer to my team next year.


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