The Slow Summer Wind Down

My partner & I are finally settling into our new home, settling also comes with realizing the work around the home will never end, and I’m itching to start decorating for autumn even though it still doesn’t quite feel like autumn will ever come.

It feels good to finally slow down. As an introvert who has had very little time to decompress, having no more large trips planned for the rest of the month is a relief. Having no home to move into or mortgage paperwork to fill out is also a relief. Between work, personal travel, work travel and just trying to be a normal human, my brain has bene on overload.

Some mornings the extra brain power it takes to put together an outfit that isn’t a Doctor Who or Depeche Mode shirt with jeans and some adidas sneakers is just too much. So in this slow wind down of summer, I’m slowly finding the creative energy to put together outfits again and also finding new ways to make a simple outfit pop. Recently, it’s been sunglasses and embroidered jeans.


Outfit Details

Sunglasses: Sojos | Top: Target | Jeans: Topshop Jamie | Boots: Public Desire (Similar)


I’m anxiously awaiting that frosty autumn morning so that I can go get a pumpkin spice latte, while wrapped in a cozy rag + bone sweater with thick socks and boots. I’ll put on my autumn playlist and wrap into a cozy blanket and only then will I have finally decompressed from an amazingly full summer that I will have hopefully caught up blogging about by then :]


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