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Paradiso Festival at the Gorge

Paradiso was a much needed break from the month of June, which has been given unflattering names due to the amount of work everyone in my company has to finish before the end of it. June was such a blur of 50 hour work weeks, leaving work only to come home and work more, much needed dinners and drinks with friends on Capitol Hill, and weekend escapes to the other side of the mountains.

black milk glow sticks

alcohol + glow sticks + black milk skeleton leggings = awesome ideas.

Avicii & Knife Party & Above&Beyond were the highlights of it all for me.

There was a beautiful moment when Above & Beyond was playing. A remix of Depeche Mode’s ‘Personal Jesus’ blared from the main stage speakers, and nothing in that moment could have been more perfect. I was exhausted from dancing for 8-9 hours, curled up next to my boyfriend, surrounded by all of my lovely friends, in a state of bliss. Work was nowhere in my mind, just the present and what was happening then. It is more than the music at these events that I care about. It’s the people I care about that I get to share it with.

On a less sentimental note, I can’t listen to Skrillex anymore after that weekend. The bros killed it. Nothing but ‘Bangarang’ and ‘Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites’ all bloody weekend ruined it.

Onto the next thing though! Decibel Festival in Seattle in September with more friends will be wonderful, and will hopefully attract a crowd of the not-so-bro type.

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