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2017 Top Albums

I know we’re well over a week into the new year but I wanted to recap some of my favorite music albums that were released in 2017. There was so much new music that was so good to listen…


Favorite Music Albums of 2016

2016 has seen some amazing albums released. Here is a list of albums that helped get me through this year and what I’m looking forward to next year.…

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Summer Meltdown

Where is this year going? I feel like I’ve been saying the same thing for the past 3 years. I can’t believe it’s August already. I love August though. I can always sense a change in the air, summer…

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What the Festival?! 2015 Recap

It feels like such a long time since I’ve done a festival recap. Paradiso seems so long ago (2 years ago). At the last minute I bought tickets to What the Festival?! in Oregon. Two of my favorite people…


Decibel Festival 2012 – Dancing in Slow Motion

Now that I’m finally recovering from the amazing electronica music rally that is Seattle’s Decibel Festival, it’s time to share. What a whirlwind of amazing artists and events over 5 days that the dbCrew has managed to put on.…

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Paradiso Festival at the Gorge

Paradiso was a much needed break from the month of June, which has been given unflattering names due to the amount of work everyone in my company has to finish before the end of it. June was such a…