Outfit: Of Crop Tops & Summer Tattoos

(And now a brief break in all the UK posts, which will return soon!)

Last summer I dragged my partenr out of bed and into Seattle for tattoo flash sale at True Love Art & Tattoo where one of my college classmates is an artist. It was a first come first serve deal for $50 tattoos that benefited a charity. You picked from a set of available designs and waited your turn and got your tattoo and then your were on your way. I decided  I wanted a sternum tattoo that was geometrical. It turned out great & the artist who did it was super quick and professional. I was excited.


By the time it healed though I didn’t really get to show it off.  Wasn’t in a bathing suit & didn’t have any clothes that showed it. So this year has been a year of finding tops that show off that tattoo. The deep, plunging v-neck has been a popular style but I also wanted something a little more subtler. I found this top on Tobi &  I love the peek-a-book keyhole look.

I’ve been drawn to the peek-a-boo cut out tops more so than the deep v-necks, though I do have one or two of those tops, I find tops like the one I’m wearing in this outfit more comfortable.

Here we are again though, in summer, and I’ve got tattoos on the mind again. I’ve been sketching and iterating over a few ideas. It will be a nerdy, fangirl tattoo (hello Doctor Who), and it will be small, it’s just deciding on the phrase I want to go with it.

I’ve got 3 tattoos. A triforce, from the Legend of Zelda. Ralph Steadman’s white rabbit illustration. And 3 interlocking circles. Time to balance that out with another nerdy, fangirl tattoo 🙂

So much is going on, I can’t wait to share it with you all!


Outfit Details

Top: Tobi With the Band Black Crop Top | Pants: Leith Utility Pants (Similar by Vince) | Shoes: Matiko (no longer available) | Bracelet: Alexander McQueen (style available from consignment)



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